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Health Technologies Consulting Dietitians Menu Programs

“I’ve used multiple menu programs but I prefer Health Technologies. I am able to put in my own recipes or choose from their database. Health Technologies has the best support system for when I have questions or need help with my menu.”

-Deborah, CDM CFPP from Jacksonville, FL

At Health Technologies, we believe the menu is the heart of the community. Health Technologies offers a variety of customized menu solutions to meet the unique needs of your community. Dining Manager, the Health Technologies menu program, is a web-based menu software program with integrated printed MealCard and digital TableSide systems for resident identification and meal service.

Dining Manager Menu Program is a user-friendly program requiring no on-site training or set-up. All Dining Manager Menu services include one-on-one virtual training and on-boarding services as well as toll-free technical support. Schedule your demonstration today
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Dining Manager Menu Program features a Recipe Database of thousands of standardized recipes along with the ability to easily modify or customize facility specific recipes. Recipes are easily scaled to any quantity to best accommodate changing facility census.

Dining Manager Menu Program builds unique menus with the Menu Planner feature. Users can control menu choices and meal offerings with just a few simple steps. The Menu Planner is typically offered in four or five week cycles. Base menus provided by Health Technologies are planned to ensure nutritional adequacy and meet minimum regulatory standards.

Health Technologies Consulting Dietitians Menu Samples


Dining Manager Menu Program offers a multitude of components in conjunction with the Recipe database, Menu Planner, and Week-At-A-Glance. Dining Manager includes responsive Diet Spreadsheets for therapeutic and texture modified menus and recipes. Dining Manager Menu Program generates detailed Nutrient Analysis reports for daily and weekly nutritional evaluation of all meals.

Dining Manager Menu Program diets include:

  • Regular
  • Small Portion
  • Large Portion
  • Dental Soft (Mechanical Soft)
  • Pureed
  • Consistent Carbohydrate (CCHO) (LCS)
  • Heart Healthy
  • Renal
  • 2gm Sodium
  • Liberal Renal
  • Liberal Renal CCHO
  • Finger Food
  • Gluten Free
  • Guidelines for No Added Salt and Fortified Foods are also available

Dining Manager Menu Program incorporates detailed Production Reporting. Dining Manager is able to incorporate vendor item numbers and costing to aid in inventory management, budgeting, and food ordering.

Production reporting includes:

Dining Manager Menu Program provides printed Posted Menus for display or table side service as well as Daily Selection Sheets for meal-time communication. 

All Dining Manger Menu Program customers receive:
  • Unlimited tool-free technical support
  • Access to a 7-Day Emergency Menu
  • Theme Meal templates
  • Personalized service

Menu additions including MealCard and TableSide are also available. Click to learn more!