Dining Manager MealCard

Dining Manager is fully integrated with the web-based MealCard program for management of resident menu and meal service. 

Health Technologies Consulting Dietitians Sample MealCardMealCard manages the following resident information:
  • Resident name, date of birth, room number
  • Diet order including texture and liquid consistencies
  • Fluid restrictions and NPO status
  • Dining rooms
  • Allergies
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Food and beverage preferences
  • Weight tracking and alerts

Dining Manager MealCard is user-friendly and offers a prebuilt database of diets, beverages, food dislikes, allergies, and more. Dining Manager MealCard offers numerous reporting options for Diet Rosters, Weight Reports, Tally Reports, and Snack/Supplement Labels. 

DiningRD is proud to offer a number of interface options for electronic medical record integration. Learn more about integration options. Additional integration opportunities available - ask a DiningRD team member for more information.

Sample MealCard

MealCard Brochure

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