IDDSI for Foodservice Managers

IDDSI Implementation Toolkit

Knowing where to begin with a new process is challenging. Use this toolkit to help with IDDSI implementation. Click on each section to view. Each of the 12 sections of the toolkit can be used for not only for your own education, but also shared with food service staff and other community team members.
Food and Drinks
Colors, Numbers, and Symbols
Regular - Level 7
Soft & Bite-Sized - Level 6
Minced & Moist - Level 5
Pureed - Level 4
Liquids - Levels 3, 2, 0
All About Bread
Quality Assurance
IDDSI Champion for Change

Additional Resources 
Menu Updates for Dining Manager
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Understanding IDDSI for Foodservice
Presentation Handouts
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Coming Winter 2019
Add IDDSI Diets to your Dining Manager online menu program
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