• Spring-Summer Menu Launch!

    Spring-Summer Menu Launch!
    Our menu team has been hard at work in the kitchen to bring you new recipes for your Spring-Summer menu!
  • Recipe Modifications for IDDSI

    Recipe Modifications for IDDSI
    Following the IDDSI guidelines means new procedures for recipes. Check out the new changes available in Health Technologies' Dining Manager Menu Program. 
  • Turkey Talk

    Turkey Talk
    No need to rinse that turkey before Thanksgiving - washing raw meat and poultry can cause bacteria to spread up to three feet away. Cooking to the right temperature kills any bacteria that may be present, so washing meat and poultry is not necessary.
  • Feeling Forgetful?

    Feeling Forgetful?
    This week have you misplaced your keys? Left your jacket at work? Forgot to pick up bread at the grocery store? Occasions such as these leave us feeling forgetful.
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